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Reloadable Cards


GPR (General Purpose Reloadable)

It’s a turndown card; a student card; a teen card; an alternative deposit product; a non-traditional transaction product and more!

Introducing the off-the-shelf solution for any GPR prepaid program you could imagine.

Ideal for: second-chance “checking” programs, teen programs; alternative bank accounts and more.

Financial Institution Benefits

  • More cost-effective than checking accounts
  • Off-the-shelf solution
  • Easy to implement without any IT integration
  • New revenue streams: set and manage cardholder fees
  • Interest free, insured deposits
  • Expanded customer base
  • Instant-issue and personalized bank-branded cards
  • Reloadable

Consumer Benefits

  • Funds immediately available
  • MasterCard global acceptance
  • Less costly than check cashing & bill paying services
  • Online transaction history
  • Online bill pay and personal financial manager
  • Free Text Alerts and Mobile Account Access!
    • Load notifications
    • Transaction activity
    • Balance alerts
    • Low balance warnings

GPR Program Product Overview

Target Audience

Unbanked, under-banked and unprofitably banked.  Over 100 million prospects fall into this category: 52% of the US Population.

Standard Product Characteristics

  • MasterCard branded
  • Funds are insured
  • Instant issue or personalized
  • 36-month expiration
  • Reloadable
  • Standard matching carrier
  • Signature & PIN based transactions
  • ATM access
  • Financial Institution branded cardholder website
  • Card-to-card & card-to FI-money moves
  • Customized color logo on card & carrier

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