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Payroll Cards

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It pays to pay our way

Introducing the quick and simple payroll solution that benefits your Treasury customers' bottom line as much as their employees.

Financial Institution Benefits

  •  More options for your commercial customers
  •  Keep and expand interest-free, FDIC-insured deposits
  •  New revenue streams: Set and manage cardholder fees
  •  Expand customer base
  •  Instant-issue and personalized bank-branded cards
  •  Reloadable

Employer Benefits

  •  Reduces payroll expenses
  •  Works with existing payroll processes
  •  Instant issuance or personalized

Employee Benefits

  • Funds available immediate
  • MasterCard global acceptance
  • Eliminates check cashing fees
  • Card-to-card money moves
  • Additional cards for family and friends
  • Surcharge-free ATM access
  • Online bill pay and personal financial manager
  • Free Text Alerts and Mobile Account Access!
    •  Load notifications
    •  Transaction activity
    •  Balance alerts
    •  Low balance warnings  

Payroll Card Program Product Overview

Target Audience

Employers who want to reduce the number of paper checks issued to employees and streamline their payroll process.

Standard Product Characteristics

  • MasterCard branded
  • Financial Institution branded
  • Funds are insured
  • Instant issue
  • 36 month expiration
  • Reloadable
  • Standard matching card carrier
  • Signature & PIN based transactions
  • Financial institution branded cardholder website
  • EchoPay bill payment enabled
  • Card-to-card & card-to-FI money moves

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Payroll Card White Paper

Payroll Cards: The win-win-win solutions.

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